Wayflyer, eCommerce Funding

Unfortunately we can't provide you with funding right now.

Our current requirements need you to have at least $20,000 in monthly sales. We're really sorry about this. We care a lot about helping eCommerce businesses of all sizes and are working on ways to help businesses like yours.


Growing Your eCommerce Business Just Got Easier...

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Say goodbye to cash flow problems... forever

Never choose between your marketing budget or restocking your inventory again. Wayflyer gives you the cash you need to keep your business growing without being limited by your working capital cycles.
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Partner with someone who actually gets your business

Sidestep the banks and lenders who don’t understand what the needs of a fast growing eCommerce business . No loopholes, no collateral, and no endless paper trail. Just flexible funding at great fees.
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Keep 100% ownership (no equity, or collateral needed)

You founded it, you keep it. Retain complete control of your business forever. Wayflyer’s funding options never force you to dilute ownership, or attach conditions on how to run your business.