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Wayflyer Brand Video Image
Wayflyer Brand Video Image
brand campaign

The Funding A Better Way brand campaign

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Put simply – brand awareness. When awareness of a brand is high, it increases trust, credibility and consideration of our business. A sustained level of awareness also builds brand salience- that’s just another way of saying “top of mind”. And we want to be top-of-mind when an eCommerce owner is considering their funding options.

It takes an army! We used an advertising agency called Lucky Generals, based in London, to write and creatively direct the campaign. The ad was shot in Warsaw and post produced in London. Not to mention our media buffs Keanu and Ogie who devised the media strategy. Sima and her team designed and built the landing pages. Orla, Kuba, Ash, Martin, Rory, Muz, Blayney and Elena all pulled out the stops to launch the campaign.  

This campaign will go live in the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia. It will go live in Germany in September. For now, it will not be live in other non english speaking markets but these may be added later in the year.

This campaign will run on all main digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. These channels give us the best ability to target the right users and get them to watch the ad in the best format.