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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Your 2022 Ecommerce Cash Flow Guide

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How to find the best option to inject cash into your business

If you need inventory, or marketing quickly, learn exactly how you can get quick cash.
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Think you need to hand over equity to get more cash flow, right? Wrong!

Learn what brands really need to know if they want a fast cash flow injection without handing over control to investors.
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Want to know how much you can get in the next 48 hours?

Learn how much funding you can get, at the best fees, in just 15 minutes.
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The 3 Commandments of Cash Flow

Make sure you never worry about money in your business again (finally sleep easy and put cash flow concerns to bed for good)
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Hate the thought of putting your house up as collateral just to get cash flow?

Discover the best stress-free funding option for you.
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Cash flow = competitive advantage, yeah?

Discover how to make sure you have the cash flow necessary to beat out your competitors.
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Feel like banks just don’t understand your eCommerce business?

Find out your best funding alternatives (and skip the long forms, unnecessary hoops, and frustrating phone calls).
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Discover the best funding options

Learn what options are available if you want no interest, no collateral, no hidden fees, and no giving up equity.


Why We Made This Free Report

Aidan CorbettAidan Corbett
Aidan, Co-Founder and CEO of Wayflyer


Why We Made This Free Report

Once upon a time, we ran a marketing analytics firm for eCommerce businesses.

But we quickly learned that marketing analytics was not the thing holding back eCommerce growth... We went upstream on the problem, and found the biggest problem facing eCommerce businesses was one simple thing…. cashflow. 

But here’s the thing… Good eCommerce businesses were getting the runaround from traditional funding providers. Banks made them put up outrageous collateral (yes, even signing over their house!) just to fund their dream. Or they had to hand over equity - and control - to investors, when they just weren’t ready.

That’s why we built Wayflyer: so founders with promising eCommerce businesses can get the cash they need to scale, at great terms, when they really need it. 

Two years later, and we’ve provided over $500 million in funding to over 1,000 of the world’s fastest growing businesses. With our team of over 250 people around the world, we are more committed than ever to solving the biggest problems in eCommerce, and helping more businesses like you reach their potential.
Aidan Corbett
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Download Your Free 2022 Ecommerce Cash Flow Guide & Discover How You Can Unlock Growth For Your Brand Today

Discover how you can hit hyper-growth and consistent double digit sales each month.
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No matter how fast your brand is growing, you’ll eventually hit a speed bump that will slow you down. In eCommerce, this is almost always due to a lack of cash flow.

To predict a specific business problem is impossible, but one thing is always certain... To keep growing, you always need access to ready cash.

But, cash doesn’t magically appear. So what do you do when you want to buy more inventory, or scale your marketing? Download your free cash flow guide and find out!
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