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Pay with certainty and improve cashflow

Paying your supplier can be challenging and
expensive. We take the stress out of the process. Upload your invoice, connect your data and unlock the cashflow that allows your business to grow.
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Access best-in-class suppliers

If you need help finding the right supplier, we
have a network of global sourcing experts we can connect you with that will build the perfect product for your brand.
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Learn from industry experts

We've collected guidance from industry
experts to help you find the best suppliers, navigating the sourcing process and produce the best product for your brand
“The Wayflyer team have been the perfect partner for a high growth business like Wild. Their Supply Chain expertise has allowed us to find further cost savings and deliver our ambitious growth plans.”
Freddy Ward, Co-founder & CEO of Wild
Freddy Ward
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Co-founder & CEO of Wild

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inventory funding

Access flexible funding to pay for your inventory

With Wayflyer you can also access fast, flexible and non-dilutive funding so you always have enough inventory on hand to meet demand

Grow faster without the drawbacks

We know that suppliers impose difficult payment terms. It’s frustrating, stressful and it limits your growth. That’s why we solved it. We give you funding of up to $20 million to purchase inventory. You only start your repayments once you are generating revenue.
“Wayflyer gives us the flexibility of upfront cash to grow now and repayments that follow the ups and downs of our sales each week.”
Ash Sexberg
Co-Founder of Zach’s Petshop
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On the terms that suit you best

We hate cookie-cutter funding. That's why we tailor every offer to your needs. Tell us how much you want, when you want it, and we'll create the best possible offer. Choose a structure that works for you and access additional funding as you need it.
"Wayflyer has allowed us to make much larger orders and catch up with our demand. Our delivery times used to be weeks or even months - but now, with our increase in inventory, those delays are coming down."
Dr. Louis Crowe, Founder of BionicGym
Dr. Louis Crowe
Founder of BionicGym
Tailored funding at the best rates

what makes us better

Why businesses choose Wayflyer Inventory

Sourcing inventory is hard. We make it easy. Access local teams with years of experience so you can get great products, at the lowest cost.

Pay with ease

We'll arrange the payment of your invoice so you don't have to worry about additional fees for international transactions and FX.

Years of experience

Our team have spent years sourcing products for the biggest companies in the world. Access this experience to avoid common mistakes and make sure you’re getting the highest quality products, at the best prices.

Dedicated, english speaking account manager

You’ll have a dedicated English speaking account manager. They’ll also be in your timezone so you can avoid the headaches of dealing directly with overseas suppliers.

Access to funding

With Wayflyer, we can fund your inventory orders. Access up to $20m of non-dilutive funding at great fees so you can increase your inventory orders, making sure you’re always in stock.
Speak with an inventory sourcing expert
Want to understand more about how Wayflyer can help? Speak to one of our team today.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Visit our help center or email inventory@wayflyer.com.

Do I have to pay anything upfront to access these sourcing services?

No, we will get quotes from our network of suppliers for free.

Is there a minimum spend required to qualify for Wayflyer Inventory Sourcing?

Yes, minimum spend, per Purchase Order is $25k.

If I want to get funding to pay for non inventory costs, can I still do that too?

Yes, if you avail of our supplier payment offering, you can still request additional cash which will be sent straight to your bank account. You can use these funds for whatever you like.

Apart from helping me pay my supplier, are there any other services that Wayflyer can offer to help me manage my existing supply chain?

Yes, we work with a wide range of Quality Control agents. Get in touch and we can organise an inspection of your products before, during or after production. We can also arrange a Factory Audit for when you are working with new suppliers.