The Wayflyer 100Club

The Invite-Only Club For eCommerce Founders Doing 8 to 9 Figures In Sales Who Want To Access The Very Best People, Tools & Events Around The World
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What's Included
In The Wayflyer 100Club

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Exclusive Events & Community

Gain access to our private, invite only events for DTC operators hosted in major cities and exotic locations around the world. Get answers to your biggest questions from experienced peers.

Dedicated 100Club Manager

Get your own 100Club Manager from Wayflyer, dedicated to helping you tackle the biggest challenges you're facing.
Keep 100% ownership

Growth Tools & Software

Get exclusive access to Wayflyer's newest tools and software before everyone else. Use this to get an edge over your competition.

What Is The Wayflyer 100Club?

The Wayflyer 100Club is an exclusive, invite-only community for DTC Founders doing 8 or 9 figures in annual sales. By joining the club you get access to exclusive events, special trainings and the very best tools, people and software to help you to get to the next level. All for free.
The Wayflyer 100Club is for you if:
  • You want to meet with like minded DTC operators
  • You are currently doing 8 or 9 figures in online sales
  • You want to access exclusive events and best in class knowledge
  • You want access to a community that can help answer your toughest questions
Join the world's top eCommerce entrepreneurs
Steven Bartlett
Founder, Social Chain
A speaker, investor, author, entrepreneur and content creator, hosting Europe’s biggest podcast, ‘The Diary of a CEO’.
Steven sits on the board of Huel, the UK’s fastest growing eCommerce company internationally. He recently joined BBC’s Dragon’s Den where he helps hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs scale their brand.
Moiz Ali
Founder, Native
Founder of Native - the fastest growing CPG company in the United States with over 1 million customers nationwide. The company was acquired by Procter & Gamble for $100 Million in November 2017. In addition to his work at Native, Moiz is an active investor in over 100 startups, and a speaker on stages across the world.
Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands
Nik is the CEO of Sharma Brands, a strategic initiatives firm working with a wide range of brands to help grow and scale revenue across digital platforms. A Forbes 30 under 30 member, Nik knows what it takes to build a billion dollar brand and is an investor and advisor to some of the fastest-growing brands in commerce.

How It Works

Claim Your Spot (Only 100 Spots Available)

Click the button below to claim your spot.  You’ll be connected with your dedicated 100Club Managers to welcome you to the club.

Meet Your 100Club Manager

After you speak with your 100Club Manager, we’ll welcome you into our community and private communication channels.
Keep 100% ownership

Reap the rewards

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get access to our private events, workshops, growth team and tools to share with your team and hit the next level in your business.
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Access To A Private Community
& Exclusive Events

Quarterly Private Events
From exclusive dinners to sports games, shows and more. Hosted in your nearest major city and exotic locations around the world.  Filled with like minded eCommerce operators and special guest thought leaders you will access cutting edge advice to take your DTC brand to the next level
Expert Growth Workshops
Get access to the world’s best minds in workshops either you, or your team, can attend.  We’ll cover everything from improving your operations, to sourcing, finance, marketing, brand and more
Private Community
Imagine if you could access 100 other smart, ambitious 8 & 9 figure eCommerce operators? Well now you can with the Wayflyer 100Club Network.  We only accept fully vetted DTC operators so you'll never deal with time wasters.

Access To An eCommerce Growth Team

Your 100Club Manager
Get your problems solved fast with our concierge service. Anytime you encounter a roadblock, let us know and we’ll organise the best people within our network to solve it for you
Funding Specialist
Get access to a dedicated funding specialist for your business. Call them any time to get expert advice on how to fund your growth and get access to Wayfler’s best rates
Financial Planners
Access a qualified accountant who specialises in 8 & 9 figure DTC brands for unbiased advice on efficient, scalable growth - including how to plan for a successful exit
Marketing & Analytics Experts
Get free quarterly reviews with actionable growth strategies from our team of Data Scientists and Performance Analysts. Find the hidden (yet lucrative) opportunities in your marketing campaigns
Inventory & Freight Experts
Access our dedicated inventory and freight team to get faster, cheaper shipping for your products so you can enjoy better margins and more profitability
Influencer Connections
Our team can help you to connect and collab with the best converting influencers around the world… access new markets, unlock new audiences and accelerate your growth

Early & Free Access To Our Private Growth Tools & Software

(not available to the public)
B2B Retail Bridge
Get access and exclusive introductions to new retail partnerships. Our new B2B Retail Bridge can connect you with the world's biggest retailers and get you access to 1,000’s of store fronts around the world

How Much Is It To Join
The Wayflyer 100Club?

It’s free. At Wayflyer, our mission is to support DTC eCommerce Brands reach their full potential. The Wayflyer 100Club has been designed to support the leaders and visionaries of our industry to hit the next level.  Due to its extensive support, we can only offer the Wayflyer 100Club to 100 DTC operators right now and it is by invite only.
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our launch event

The Wayflyer 100Club
London Launch Party

22nd september, 7pm - 10pm
THE STANDARD, 10 argyle st, london
Completely free to access
Drinks, Cocktails and Canapés provided
Special Guests including Steven Bartlett

Frequently asked questions

Why is Wayflyer offering this?

Wayflyer is on a mission to help and support DTC brands grow.  We’re here to help you along your journey in achieving your big goals.  People know us for our financing options, but we’re also growing our supporting tools and community and the 100Club is one of those initiatives.

What’s the cost of the Wayflyer 100Club?

It’s currently free to join and free to attend events.  We’re here to support you and your team to reach their next growth target.

Do I need to be an existing Wayflyer customer?

No.  The Wayflyer 100Club has one requirement, in the last year you’ve sold more than $10 million through your brand and can verify these results.

How many people are in the Wayflyer 100Club?

This is currently a new initiative which we are rolling out and we have a strictly limited capacity of 100 people in the club.

Bringing The World’s Best DTC Founders Together

Join The Wayflyer 100Club For Free Now

This invite only community is strictly limited to 100 DTC operators. If you’re looking to expand your network, expand your business and expand your valuation then look no further.  Click the button below to reserve your spot and meet your 100Club Manager. We’ll walk you through the Club, the benefits and our exciting upcoming events.
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