Cash is King

How to turn cash flow from a weakness to a strength

Learn about cash flow — and how to plan ahead, avoid the risks, and maximize profits.
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Cash is King: How to turn cash flow from a weakness to a strength

In this not too be missed session you’ll leave having a plan on how to tackle seasonal cashflow problems and how you can turn cash flow from a weakness to a strength. We’ll dig into the key differences between cash flow and revenue and give you some top tips on how you can start improving your cash flow right now. Using our 5 financial strategies on how you can boost your cashflow and unlock growth you will be confident in your cash flow strategy going into Q4.

Meet Your Hosts

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Stephen Duke
Director of Marketing, Wayflyer
An ex-Management Consultant turned Director of Marketing at Wayflyer who has grown it to a billion dollar valuation and unicorn status in under 2 years. In the last three years, he has spoken to over 400 of the world's best eCommerce businesses and learned about all the different ways people are funding their business.
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A portrait of the webinar host
Nicole Fletcher
Content Marketing Manager at Wayflyer
As part of the Content Team at Wayflyer, Nicole enjoys addressing the unique challenges eCommerce founders face. Her passion for this space blossomed while working in service to small businesses at the unlikely tech unicorn, Mailchimp. A business owner herself, she brings perspective and empathy to her work through webinars, workshops, and speaking engagements.
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Here's What You'll Discover

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A deep understanding of cash flow dynamics and how they impact growth
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Top tips to turn cash flow management from a headache to a super power
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Securing the right kind of financing to offset risks
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How to plan ahead, avoid the risks, and maximise profits

Here's What You'll Discover

"The BEST and most CONSEQUENTIAL hour I have spent as an e-commerce entrepreneur! Completely game changing content and advise.”
Tom Engquist
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Founder of Claim Defame
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Find out How To Use Funding To Maximise Your Valuation & Grow Your eCommerce Brand. Without Having To Give Away Any Equity Or Collateral